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Sorrento review

"Just to say a BIG thank you for a wonderful holiday we have just experienced to Sorrento, Italy, organised by yourselves. It is the first time my husband and myself have been on such a holiday and we thought it was absolutely excellent! Everything went perfectly, from the flights to the accommodation (the hotel was outstanding!) and the organised trips to your very helpful tour representative.

A BIG THANKS to you all at Omega again and we would love to do the same again next year. Very happy customers."

J Pressley, Darlington

There are certain famous or notorious holiday resorts from Greece to the Canaries which persons of refined sensibilities might want to steer well clear of.

So we do.

Not for us the hefty thump-thump-thump of all night raves pounding through skin-thin walls so that nobody gets any sleep but instead young people lie around collapsed in inebriated heaps or shouting in decibel-busting giggly hysterics after marathon drinking sessions in the neon-lit stroboscopic 24/7 bars. Not for us the giant skyscraper hotels crowding over the bland sun-trap 90s-built resort where there is nothing whatsoever to do but lie there incinerating in your septic hangover and nothing to look at but more 24/7 bars and ice cream cafés and the oldest historical artefact on view is the road sign that says Attention: Bulldozers.

Iceland review

"Hi, just got back from Iceland with your company and travel guides. It was excellent! Organised so well and the guides where so knowledgable and helpful. Thank you.

Wanted to post this on your site but could not work out how it could be done. Please if you can, put my comments up for others to read. Could you also add me to your mailing list for future trips, especially from Humberside.

Thank you again for a wonderful weekend."

Gary Lewis, Humberside

What we like, and we think you’ll like, is an overseas break that’s beautiful to look at, interesting to explore, relaxing to experience, relatively unspoilt, and with enough going on to keep it stimulating without being so overplanned that you have no freedom to do your own thing. We like the kind of holiday where you know, you just know without having to ask, that the hotel is up to par and the food will be good, that the excursions are well-organised and the attractions won’t be closed when you get there.

In short, we like Omega Overseas Breaks, and we think you will too.

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