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Astronomy & Northern Lights

You know a few constellations, right? The Plough, that’s an easy one. And the Seven Sisters, Cassiopeia, Orion. Most of the stars you can’t see in town, even on a clear night, because the light pollution blots it all out.

But if you’ve ever been camping in an open field, miles from anywhere, it’s a different story. Then you can see the full majesty of the heavens revealed, the mind-fracturing magnitude of deep space, infinities of galaxies, star fields and nebulae extending unfathomable distances, and across it all, arching like some spectral behemoth from horizon to horizon, the great white snake of the Milky Way and... and... blimey, this camping field is freezing!!

That’s the trouble with astronomy in Britain. When it’s warm enough, it’s too cloudy, and when the sky is crystal clear it’s usually too perishing to stay out long.

When we do an astronomy break we like to make it fur-lined and slipper-sox cosy. We also like to bring in guest astronomers and media personalities so that you get a fun introduction to the subject and a decent explanation of everything you’re seeing.

We’re not saying we’ll turn you into the next Brian Cox. But if you come on one of our space adventures you may well find yourself coming back for more.

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