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Overseas Holidays

A British stay-cation? Why stay at home when there’s a whole world out there? Let Omega Holidays take you away on an overseas break that will fill you with the joys of life. Choose one of a wide selection of breaks and we guarantee it’ll refresh and rejuvenate every part of your body and mind. Omega overseas; everything you ever dreamed of in a journey away from home.

On one of our overseas breaks you might immerse yourself in another culture, try out a few of its’ adventurous activities, sample an array of ancient traditions, speak a fresh and unknown language, and wonder why you ever stayed at home for a holiday? Opening yourself up to new experiences can be very liberating, and you could come home with a whole new outlook on life. Our choice of locations is imaginative and comprehensive, and whether you enjoy cheerfully busy cities, a tranquil winding coastline or the moody magic of the mountains, we’re sure you’ll find something you love. The world is a big and exiting place; embrace it today, by getting away. Omega Holidays, the company that’s all about doing things differently.

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